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We task our AI Engine to comb thru billions of records, to discover who is actively searching for the solution you provide, and break the results into Market Qualified Leads, and Sales Qualified Leads, without relying on cookies.


Stop letting your competition beat you to the relationship.

If your competitor is rushing to build AI and you don’t, it WILL crush you.

– Elon Musk


Consumers in Identity Graph


Identities Resolved Monthly


Behaviors Tracked Daily


Reduction in CPC/CPA

Do you wish people in need of your services just magically knew you existed and that you could help them?  What would your business look like if you spent far less time searching for people who desperately needed to solve a problem your service or product solves?

What could you do with the knowledge that previous contacts now have the go-ahead to move forward with the project you were working on 6 months ago? Typically, the problem is they don’t let you know, and there are missed opportunities.  Not anymore…

Yes, the future is here! Artificial Intelligence is BIG business in 2020, and according to industry experts, every company that wants to remain competitive must start investing in AI.  We exist so you don’t need to spend millions, in research, development, and data, to apply AI to your marketing efforts. We can give you a competitive edge over companies still dialing in the dark.

We have technology that is truly revolutionary when it comes to analyzing online behavior, and we can give you a privacy protected list of real people who are in-market and/or in-funnel.

Introducing ABEL:
Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Lead Generation Technology


ABEL Tracks 40+ Billion Real-Time Buying Behaviors Daily and Delivers Active Buyer Leads From Our Database of Over 225+ Million Businesses and Growing.

Identity Resolution

Learn the identity of your website visitors and convert them into a permanent, portable record, without them having to fill out a form.

Laser-focused Data Targeting

We use Behavioral Tracking, Identity Resolution, and AI Machine Learning to find prospects who are actively pursuing the product or service you offer.

Full-Service Lead Generation

A Done-for-You solution that combines our Identity Resolution, and Data Targeting services with our Ad Operations to supercharge your results and maximize ROI.

The Numbers at a Glance

225,000,000 Consumers

We currently have more than 225 million U.S. adults connected to our Identity Graph and growing (updated daily).

350,000,000+ Identities Resolved

That’s over 350 million identities of website visitors resolved every month.

400+ Persistent Identifiers

To resolve millions of identities, we use more than 400 persistent identifiers like Device ID, Browser ID, third-party identifiers, and many, many more.

40,000,000,000+ Real-Time Behaviors Tracked

Each day, our AI tracks over 40 billion real-time behaviors such as past purchase behavior, URL level navigation, keyword searches, campaign responses, content consumption, and IoT (Internet of Things).

10,500,000,000 Keyword Searches

Yes, that’s ten and a half billion keyword searches tracked!

2,000,000,000+ URLs

Real-time tracking of over two billion URLs.

Smart CEOs should be thinking about AI and its impact on their respective business.

Fei Fei Li, Co-Director, Stanford University’s Human-Centered AI Institute

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